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Web Hosting

Get cloud hosting server, VPS or Dedicated Server with us

we provide quality web hosting service to our website client and they have been staying with us ever since. We provide advise to our client what kind of web hosting will be suitable for the website and load they have. For client with bulk email sending needs, we recommend bulk email server at very competitive rate. Whatever the requirement is, there is no worries when comes to the range of hosting solutions we provide in our company. We even help client install their website in popular server like Amazon and Google Cloud server. These are just part of the solution service we provide that makes a difference between us and other web design and development company in Singapore.


Server Solutions

Server for any business needs is available here

Whether you are looking for a bulk email server or a normal shared server, we will provide the best solution and customize one for your need.

IP Services

We are able to help change or rotate the use of IP for any particular server provided by us.

Server Backup and Restore Service

Have peace of mind when comes to the lost of data. We are able to backup and help you restore your server in any unforeseen situation


Email Solutions

Get enough space and support for your email

When it comes to email, nothing is more important than the reliability, space and support.
We worked with popular email service providers like Microsoft, Google and other mail service providers to provide you with the service your can trust. Have them setup for you and you can start using it. Should there be any issue, you can contact the support and they will have someone contact you and even do remote virtual support to help resolve your problem. Getting an email that is properly setup and having enough space is important. Normal web hosting email space is limited. Therefore, getting one with more space and at a lower cost with support is important.