Terms & Conditions


: Design approved and/or site is lived. Site is also considering complete if there is no further amendment instruction for period of one month, with or without written confirmation.

Site Content:
Web images (jpg, png or gif format) and wordings (text or word document) or any item can be seen on the website. PDF is only for download purpose, cannot be used as page text or image. Any other format for content must be easily extractable for layout purpose. Otherwise, additional charge will have incurred for time to extract content.

Amendment: Content amendment, font change, colour change and layout preferences.

Technical Support: Provision of contact point for any question related to website. Help restore the website backup if any unforeseen situation occurs. Answer to website content update question or usage of CMS created by Amazing Web Services Pte. Ltd. Does not include any new customized request or issue that involved additional work, virus attack or similar issue and issue caused by site owner’s web administrator. Additional content update service will be charged based on requirement as it will be out of technical support scope of work.

Terms and Conditions

Reasonable Period for Project Completion:
Each project will be allocated a period 1 month with an option to extend for 1 more month with mutual agreement. We will focus the time and attention to complete any project within this period.

Provision of Content for Web Design & Development

Full provision of information must be provided to ensure that deadlines are met.

Content must be in softcopy, example doc, jpg and any editable format. There will be an additional charged for any additional work not listed, such as additional graphic work or addition stock photos or more time to search images, creation of additional function. There will be an additional charged for any customization feature, add‐on module, and other customized work other than those listed in the contract. Design proposal with maximum 2 complete design changes. After 1 complete design proposed if client still not satisfied, client to specify the layout, style, and colour to use for website with specific instruction for web designer to follow.  Once web design theme and layout approved or website content started to be uploaded to site, any changes on layout and design will incur additional charges based on the requirement specify by client, and to be quoted thereof.

Website Content Copyrights

All rights and intellectual property of content are the responsibility of the site owner. Once content is approved, the site owner is full responsible of the content’s copyright.


Payment to “Amazing Web Services Pte. Ltd” Bank transfer to DBS Corporate A/C: 019 9038 798

We only accept bank transfer. Cheque payment will be dropped by your company to our bank account.

Payment term: 50% upon confirmation. 30% upon design confirmation and 20% upon content updated and prior to site lived.

Amazing Web Services Pte. Ltd. will revert within reasonable period when instruction is given for site changes. Site owner will have all the files and database only after full payment is made. Project will be made null, and database deleted if no action from contracted party (whoever/company that signed this contract) for more than 3 months from contract date. Amazing Web Services Pte Ltd. will make attempt to get client to response to complete the project. If no further response from client to set completion plan, despite attempt to follow up by us. Amazing Web Services Pte. Ltd, as service provider will have the right to make contract null, delete project database with no refund.

Terms are subject to change with or without prior notice. It will also vary for any pre-arranged agreement.